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Electric Windlass  


Electric Windlass

Approved: CE
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Wire Rope Fixing
No escape of wire rope from the drum by means of P.T.screwdevice.
Drum Transmission
The shaft direct driving drum provides rope replacement and altemation of rotation with easy.
Designed for both static and dynamic loading.Brake will automatically apply in the event of power cut.Large friction surface area.No adjustments or serving requirement.
Gear Box
Provides strengh,durability an non-worry of breakage of structure
Speical Motor
insulated B,with the features of big start torque, small inertia, lower tmperature rise,it can work ftequently for a long fime.
Driving Gear
The heat treated gearwith bearings features durable perfomance and anti-wear.
Machine Fixture
It is made of super armor plate,used for suspender,lifter and girder.
Technique Parameter
Model KDJ-200F KDJ-250F KDJ-300F KDJ-300F1 KDJ-400F1
Rated Capacity (kg) 200 250 300 400
Rate Speed (m/min) 10-15/12-18 10-15 12-18
Motor(KW) 0.6×4 0.75×4 1.1×4 1.5×4
Volt(V) AC100/110/120/220/230/240 Three phase 220/380/415/440/480
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Lifting Height (m) 38
Cable Diameter (mm) ф6
N.W(kg) 40 44 53 52 55
Word Level M3
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