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KX Fireproof Rolling Door Control System

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Strictly in accordance with the "People's Republic of Public Safety industry Standard GA386-2002".Adopted with micro-computer intellectualized control, it is equipped withmul-interfaces and can be connected with the fire fighting center for real time communication for receiving the signal from the smog and temperature sensor by A nd B control systems, thus perfectly seperatiing the sensor for smog and temperature.The function is complete and it carries the time-adjustment by micro-computer learning model with easy operation. Besides the function of control the operation of fireproof rolling door in automatic or manual way, there are also other functions including open phase for power short circuit, self-protect for phase sequence alter, overload protection and failures diagnoses, alarm function indication for the failure parts. The above products were examined by "National Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems and Components Quality Supervison and Inspection Center"and passed the test as qualified.
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