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KX Swing Gate Opener

Door Motor

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KX207 swing gate opener with screw me-chanical drive is arm style, using advanced technology introduced from abroad.HR24 swing gate opener structure compacted and big start power is tyre style. It can meet clients' different demands in different environments.
Technique Parameter

- Optional opening: It can be opened and closed single or double doors by remotor controller.
- Limited operation: It can protect gate from damaged when the door overshot its limit.
- IR protection: It will automatic stop through infrared detector when meeting pedestrians or vehicles.(optional accessory)
- Key lock: Keys on the control panel are locked by remote control against burglars.
- Autostop: It will automatic stop when meeting pedestrians, vehicles or obstacle in operation and the resistance is set in the controller.
- Guard Time: To make sure the motor is safe, the single running time is limited within 60s.
- Self-closing door: Door is self-closed in time set after the door opened. (optional function)
- Standby power interface: Either battery or solar cell is available for backup Battery.(optional accessory)

Name :
- Voltage of power:
- Thrust of opening:
- Remote distance:
- Fall:
- Running speed:
- Environmental temperture:
- Motor power:
- Size of door machine:
- Size of controller:
- Weight:
AC 220V or DC 24V
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